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Membership & Seats Purchase for 5781

If you are renewing your Membership and Seats from last year, please use the Quick Form below. If you are looking to purchase new seats or change your current seats, please see the gabboim or the Seating Committee.

The seating committee will be selling New Memberships, Associate Memberships, as well as, new  seats and requests for changing seats, on the following two dates:

Motzai Shabbos                 Sept  13th          10:30pm – 12:30am

Monday  Night                    Sept  15th            7:30pm – 09:00pm

These are the only two scheduled dates for selling seats.  All other seating issues  should be addressed by either emailing us  (This is the correct email address) or by contacting the Seating Committee, Chaim Fuchs or Elchanan Gunsberg, directly.

USE THIS FORM FOR RENEWALS. Please pay all open balances.

You can now choose the Standard Full Membership or Enhanced Full Membership for only $35 more ($360), and be upgraded to a Brown Brick.

or Choose a Associate Membership below. 

Please Donate a Brick. Every Dollar Helps Our Shul

Enter names separated by commas, so they can be added to chart

After clicking on type of membership desired, Click here for the number of Men's seats. All Seats are $150 each. Please enter then names of the men above.

Click here for the number of Ladies seats. All seats are $150 each. Please indicate the Women's names below.

Enter names separated by commas, so they can be added to chart

You can also include payment for any outstanding balance here.

If known, you can indicate above, what the Previous Balance Payment  on the left, was for.

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE. Upon clicking on submission button, you will be taken to paypal for payment


Brick by Brick Campaign Chart


Thu, September 24 2020 6 Tishrei 5781