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Our Shul

Our Shul

Sholom Aleichem!

This past year we have had the amazing zechus of celebrating our twenty fifth year as a Kehilah.

We have reached this milestone because, with Hashem's help, we have in the past and will continue into the future, to provide an atmosphere of warmth and kedusha that enriches the experience of all who enter.  Our shul is a mokom where yechidim can grow in their ruchniyus and become part of the greater tzibur. From the numerous zmanim for tefillah,  the large variety of shiurim for men and women, a myriad of chavrusah opportunities, to the wonderful Pirchei and AvosUbonim programs for children, our Shul and Batei Medrashim are open every day from 5AM to Midnight.

Our beautiful ambience, emphasis on Kovod HaTefillah and our policy of not talking bein haprokim, during the laining, provides the proper environment for an uplifting davening and krias hatorah.

Our Kehilah is also a tremendous resource to the greater New York Area, hosting many important Asifos and Halachic conferences.

We welcome you and hope that you join us so that together we can be zocheh to grow mechayil el choyil. May our Shul continue to be a mokom of kedusha and Kiddush Hashem.

Our Shul is located at 2913-15 Avenue L, Brooklyn, NY 11210.

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Mon, April 22 2024 14 Nisan 5784