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Rav Isbee's zt"l and his  Shiurim

B'H, We have recently uploaded all of Rav Isbee zt"l's Chovas Halevovos, Chumash and other Shiurim to the Torahanytime NEW Servers.

A special thanks to for hosting our Rav Isbee audio files on their servers.



To listen to a shiur, just click on the Shiur Name, which is on the top left in blue or click on the "Listen" link at the bottom of each shiur.

To download a shiur, at present,  you will need to register with Torahanytime.  There is NO Fee associated with this registration.

There are currently 54 shiurim on Chumash (TT), 14 shiurim on Halacha, Hashkafa & Hadracha (HHH),  as well as, 18 shiurim on Chovos Halevovos - Shar H'Bitachon (CHSB) and 22 shiurim on Chovos Halevovos - Avodas Elokim(CHAE). That brings the total number of Rav Isbee Shiurim available to an amazing 108.  Please Listen, Learn and Enjoy.

If you have any Pictures, Audio's or Video's of the Rov that you would like to share with the Olem, please contact Yidi Derdik.


HoRav Yitzchok Isbee z"tl (5712 - 5757)

Rav Isbee was the founding Rov of Agudath Israel Bais Binyamin and in fact he laid its foundation.  Immediately upon taking the helm in 1985, he started fulfilling his mission of transforming the lives of his mispallelim.  A master of the clock, his motto was "a busy person always finds the time".  He began his tenure as the Rov of a small group of yechidim and largely through his own efforts, he left behind a large vibrant kehilla when he was taken from us eleven short years later.

Inspiring people on a one to one basis and by personal example, he precipitated an increase in Torah learning, a greater appreciation for tefillah and an overall change in outlook in one's relationship with Hakadosh Boruch Hu. Always thoughtful, he used every drasha, every Yom Tov and every life situation as an opportunity to motivate growth.  His popular Pirkei Avos shiur served as an ideal platform to give over his hashkafos and his weekly chovos halevavos shiur delivered to the women over the last two years of life were (and through electronic medium still are) a source of great hisorirus.

An unabashed talmid muvhak of Horav Elya Svei, Z"tl, the Philadelphia Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Isbee was a bulwark of unshakable Torah true principles in a sea of moral ambiguity. He was an Ish Emes and a true Eved Hashem. Consequently, although he exhibited great pikchus in deciding when to challenge the status quo, he was unwavering in tackling the issues that he believed needed to be addressed.

Rav Isbee's hallmark characteristics were his genuineness, his sincerity and his desire to always fulfill the ratzon Hashem. He left a rich legacy of kavod hatorah, kavod hatefillah and  ribuy kovod shomayim, of which Agudath Israel Bais Binyamin is a shining example.

Rav Isbee zt"l and the Early Days

Rav Isbee zt"l speaking at a Bar Mitzvah in 1991.


Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784